Atomic Uno

Happy Easter from Atomic Inc.

Happy Easter from Atomic Inc.

See? Told you we’re still doing stuff. As for now, have an Easter Card. And with that,

Happy Easter from everyone here at Atomics Inc. Hope you’re ready to collect those dragon eggs and bop those bunnies for their goodies cause there shall be a lot of them.

As for what is in the card. We’re introducing the first ever enemy to make it off the drawing board. Bucky Rabbit. There are four different types of buckys (not a grammar error).

Rabbit class,
Squirrel class,
Beaver class
and Rat class.

And of course Hedrogin has returned.
We’ll see you all again real soon.


New Games? Slow Updates? What is this?

Greetings everyone. Paul Davidson here with another post regarding information on game development and why we’re being so slow on updates.

For those who have seen our previous posts, you’ve seen our characters and the games they star in. Well I’ve been thinking I’ve come up with a few new IPs that I think are sure to be a hit with players. Unfortunately I don’t have much to show on them but in the future I should have some character designs down.

As for why we’re being so slow on updates, it’s because there hasn’t really been that much progress when it comes to that actually games. Our lead programmer has made some progress in at least getting a basic engine down but we still need to meet up again to discuss the actually mechanics of the game. ┬áDon’t worry, I still have some concept art and gifts for you all to enjoy before we actually start the development flow.

Until then, Adam shares your impatience.