Atomics Inc. Game Dev

Founded by Paul Davidson in the year 2-XX, Atomics Inc is a game development company created for the sole purpose of creating and designing games in a new yet still style.

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With most of their games based off the platformers and action RPGs of the 1980s and 1990s, Atomics Inc has the intention of introducing a new generation of gamers to old style games while at the same time keeping them modern and new.

Atomics Inc. is also known for there unique animesque art style and their ability to push a console to its limits when it comes to graphics.

Alligator 2

Obviously not in game screenshot but a photo shopped image used to give an example.

Obviously not in game screenshot but a photo shopped image used to give an example.

“My art style was intentionally drawn in a way so that it was simple, easy to animate and yet still gave off great expressions and were easily recognizable. I was a real Danny Phantom fan back in the day so that’s where the inspiration came from. When it came to the actual games I wanted the visuals to be grand, easy on the eyes, and unique. I really wanted to use sprites but you can’t exactly get a whole lot of pizzaz from that, and using 3D models was another option I considered but in today’s gaming library I thought it would’ve looked like any other 2.5D game out there. So I decided to compromise and use 2D cartoony sprites on a 3D realistic environment. Looks great, you can easily distinguish all things on the screen, and it looks different enough from any other 2.5D game. I really am proud of this and I hope to do more with it.” -Paul Davidson

Gameplay wise, all the games in the Atomics Inc library are based off such highly acclaimed games such as Super Mario, Mega Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, Spyro the Dragon and many others. Atomics Inc takes the gameplay aspect of games into full consideration whenever in development.

“Gameplay is the most important when making a game. That’s obviously what makes a game good, the gameplay. Graphics, music, and story are all indeed important but gameplay should always come  first. In the Atomic Series I wanted the gameplay to be organized like a Mega Man game, fast paced and re-playable like a Sonic game, and easy to pick up and simple as a Mario game. That is my vision of a great playing game.” -Paul Davidson.

We hope you have fun with the games made here at Atomics Inc. and we appreciate all your support. With that, welcome to Atomics Inc., building blocks of gaming.

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