The Evil Doers Unleashed

Greetings for yet another update! Something I promised I would show you all a long time ago. The official illustrations and reveals of most of the prominent enemies and villains in the game.

First and foremost, the big bad himself, Professor Woodrow Totem. This plaid wearing mad scientist had a lot going for him until the day his funding was cut off. He and his ever faithful wolf companion, Fang, now hide out and hatch out their evil plans to show the citizens of Urban Central how dangerous it is to deny an intellectual mind of the praise he deserves.

Fang the Wolf is a tough canine that has had a rough past. Years of experimentation have taken a toll on him. While he was a pup he had been subject to illegal and unethical experiments that have since left him with an intense distrust with humans, taken away his ability to speak, and at the same time given him a rather powerful and rough body. Professor Totem has since cared for and sheltered him making him the only human Fang may ever trust. What does this guy have to do with the plot? You’ll see soon enough.

Now for the Buckys. For those who may or may not remember our Easter Update, the Buckys are the little animals that have a rather odd shaped over bite. From left to right we got the Rabbit Type, Squirrel Type, Beaver Type, and Rat Type. They can attack in a variety of ways from simply leaping at you to throwing a projectile at you. They don’t really have any form of alliance or loyalty for any one but they are mischievous all the same. They’ll be constantly thwarting you progress through out the game.


Evil Scientist, A Big Bad Wolf, and cute little Buckys

Now that we got those fellas out of the way, let us see the other baddies that’ll be halting the Atomic Uno’s way. The Alphas.

Vixey the Fox is the playful and witty one. Being very nimble and acrobatic she can get from point A to point B with any method and be a quick thinker to boot. You’ll be encountering her in the forestry area.

Lobo the Wolf is a rather uptight and egotistic gentleman. Proclaiming to be the best hunter ever, Lobo can pounce and tackle at high speeds not to mention do some heavy damage with his jaws. He’s in charge of the more 1%-esque areas of the city.

Logan the Wolverine, see what we did there, is a shady fellow. He enjoys the night and doesn’t like being in the open. He’ll hide in the dark and pounce at whatever prey stands in his way. He’s also got some nice sets of claws on him. He’ll be hiding out in the dark forests on the outskirts of town.

Cawford the Crow is very nimble flyer. He tends to keep to himself and is not one to tackle problems head on. He’s an expert flyer and has some strong talons. I wonder what attacks he can pull off with those physical qualities. He’ll waiting be waiting for you on the top floor of the tallest skyscraper.

Buck the Deer is energetic but clumsy. He runs around pretty fast but rarely looks where he’s going. Stay out of the way when he has his antlers pointed at you. He’s the alpha male of the brush and foliage decorated parking garages and parks.

Last but not least, Bearnin the Bear. He’s a strong and simple alpha with the strength of, well a bear. What he lacks in mobility and common sense he makes up for in power so don’t get careless when he’s attacking. He has made the tall and large foothill ranges his territory.

alpha conc

The Alphas (Bosses)

And there you have it folks. Probably our biggest update yet, not that that is saying much. We’ll be officially introducing other supporting characters in the future.

Again I apologize for such slow updates. But something tells me we’ll be speeding things up in a few weeks. So until next folks, thanks and continue to follow, support and advertise our site to the world.

Also happy Advent and an early Merry Christmas to you all.

Happy Holidays!!

-Paul Davidson


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