Wallpapers and Updates

Hello everyone! Yes we’re still alive. I apologize for not updating at all. Last time this was updated was back in July. Has it really been that long? I apologize.

Anyways, update on our time tables, we probably won’t get to beginning true development on the game until Summer 2015. Our programmer is taking several classes that will further his programming skills and we wont be able to meet until winter. So sorry to disappoint you all. But we promise you, by Summer you have something magical and wonderful to see. Until then, take some art and wallpaper. We’ll be showing some concept art in the future and as soon as Game Salad starts co-operating we’ll display a video of a sloppy alpha.

And below are some wallpapers. The left image features some early game sprites of the major characters and the right image shows a Japanese variation. Hope you like how they look, because I sure do.

Well until one day in the future. This is Paul, signing off.

Atomic Wallpaper US

Here we see Adam running away from what are the bosses and main villain of the game. The bosses of the game are the alphas, AKA the animals on the right (obviously). And right in the middle is Professor Totem, the one responsible for the misfortunes in the game. Remember these are early versions of the in-game sprites.

Atomic Wallpaper Japan

The Japanese variation of the wallpaper. A more menacing looking Professor Totem along with four of the six almighty alphas. Adam looks a lot more chibi and energetic. Also fun fact: Atomic Uno translated into Japanese is Za-Atomikkuwan. Just letting you know.


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